One Stroke Setup Video


The purpose of this video is to help guide you in the proper setup of a new Fillaero One Stroke.  It can also be used to help resolve any issues that might come up during the operation of the unit.

If you have a new unit you should complete these steps prior to mounting it to any surface.  If the unit has already been mounted to a surface you will need to remove any mounting hardware to allow access to the bottom of the case.

Begin by laying the unit horizontally on a flat surface.

Step One

Once the unit is laying flat we will check the safety valve to make sure it is properly adjusted.   

To check the safety valve we will have to install the filling head assembly in the unit.  Once the filling head is installed, place an empty spray can in the can locator .  Manually move the spray can into place by pushing it up into the filling head.  This action will position the safety valve so you can visually confirm that it is positioned properly.

When the safety valve is properly adjusted the ball plunger switch should be positioned so it is not touching any part of the filling assembly. 

Here you can see an acceptable gap between the ball plunger and the filling assembly.

Here is an example of an improperly positioned safety switch that is making contact with the filling assembly.  To resolve this issue you will need to access the safety valve adjustment screw located inside the unit behind the can locator. 

Remove the cover and turn the screw to adjust the position of the safety valve until it does not make contact with any part of the filling assembly.

Step Two

After confirming the proper adjustment of the safety valve attach an air hose the unit’s pressure gauge.  Confirm that the pressure gauge is set to approximately 105 psi.  The regulator gauge  can be checked as well, it is located next to the safety valve at the bottom of the unit.  The regulator gauge is held in place with velcro and will need to be removed in order to view its dial.  It should be set to approximately 16 to 18 psi.

Both the pressure gauge and the regulator gauge can be adjusted by pulling up on the adjustment dial, making the adjustment, then pushing down on the dial to lock it back in place.

Step Three

Lastly, before putting the unit into service we will want to check for any possible air leaks at the hose connections.  This is can be done by spraying water or Windex on the connections and then initiating the filling action.  This is done by closing the units door and turning the knob clockwise. 

Connection issues can be identified due to the escaping air causing the liquid on the hoses to bubble or spray out.

To resolve a bad connection remove the hose and trim about a 1/4” length off the end before reinserting it into the connection.  Once you made the regulator adjustment and confirmed all the connections are good you are ready to stand the unit up and put it into service.