One Stroke Troubleshooting Guide

Paint Leaking in the Chime of the Can

If there is an issue with paint leaking in the chimes of male cans, then the time it takes for the can to drop down must be increased. Follow the instructions below to increase the time it takes.


Locate the black valve with the silver knob and loosen it with your fingers (rotate clockwise) one full turn. Then fill another can. There should be 4-5 second delay from the time you turn the doorknob counterclockwise to let the check ball block the hole inside the filling head. Repeat if necessary.

Paint Leaking as Can is Being Filled

Make sure both pressure gauges located at the top and bottom are set to the right pressure (see pictures below).



Bottom Pressure GaugeThe bottom pressure gauge is located under the machine.  With the air still connected, lay the machine on its back. Locate the gauge that is shown in the picture above. Make sure it is set between 18-20 psi.



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